"Magic is like Nature Itself, and success in Magic requires Working in Harmony with Nature, not against it."

Anton LaVey ~ The Satanic Bible

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We are, of course, warm blooded carnal animals (Class Mammalia), but IMO, we are more than just a physical system.

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Ancient Egyptian Thought On The Matter

In Ancient Egyptian thought, humans and other living beings were comprised of nine "bodies". They were:

1. KHAT or Physical Body
2. BA or Soul Body - the Sublime Immortal Individual Conscious Awareness
3. KHU or Spirit Body - the Shining, Incorruptible Auric Energy
4. SEKHEM or Form Body - The Male or Female Power that can be Projected.....
........and Directed in Magickal Workings
5. REN or Name Body - Power is Contained in Words and Names
6. SAHU or Spiritual Body - an Individual Enlightened in Gnosis
7. AB or Heart Body - The Qualities of the Individual
8. KHAIBIT or Shadow Body - Close to but Indepedent from the Soul.....
........able to move where it pleases
9. KA or Double Body - Astral Body (copy of the Physical Body)

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I observe Triadic Signatures in Nature, and I will be working with the first three points above, which are the main ones, in the drawing below. It is also no coincidence that the Prism which separates the colors of white light is in the shape of....a triangle. In the Unfolding Evolvement of Nature, I also see three Primaries/Forces which are....

1 - That which is Generative (Creator): In the physical, this could include sex. Or it could be something such as an Idea. Magickally, it could involve Spells which would generate love, or money, etc.

2 - That which Maintains & Nurtures with Compassion (Preserver): This is exemplified by the care of a parent for its offspring. This could include Magick done on behalf of another.

3 - That which is Death/Chaos=>leading to Renewal (Destroyer)(the "Dark Force") We observe this is Nature as the wildfires that destroy old brush so that new growth can come in. Did you ever notice how quickly maggots devour an animal carcass? They destroy death. They fall under the Realm of the Dark Lord, hence His Title, Beelzebub, Lord of the flies, the Death of death. Magickally, this could involve dealing with an enemy, etc. Spiritually, this involves the destruction of ignorance, bad habits, etc. and Coming Into Being.

One of the more interest viewpoints I have read concerning this is that of the late Physicist Dr. Bruce DePalma (1935-1997) in his treatise On The Nature Of The Primordial Field. DePalma worked with Over-Unity machines, as well as having been instrumental in the design of the old technology, but fabulous-sounding Dynaco vacuum tube high-fidelity audio gear that was so popular in the 1960s.

DePalma writes: (all quotes from above cited link)
"Nothing could exist unless the organizing force were more powerful than destructive & dissipative effects. Consequentially we can view the organizing force as transcendent and that destruction and dissipation are facets of the constructive energy.

The most profound manifestation of the creative force in material form are the thoughts and ideas. Thoughts and ideas are modifiers in the direction and application of Force. We arrive at the idea that the primordial field is a field of pure Force.

The detection of an isotropic field consists of distorting it and noting the force isotropys. On the highest level of abstraction Force is Intelligence; consequently the primordial field is intelligent. Within the limits imposed by the capability of my human mind reality exists as it is.

Its architecture is beyond the scope of my discovery. Nevertheless that architecture forms a basis for the positing and asking of questions. A dialogue of questions and answers, the field of a design for Physics. As long as we remain rational, 'it' remains rational. The primordial field has all known properties. We understand its force nature through experiments with charged capacitors, magnets, and gravity. In every case, a distortion of the primordial field results in an unbalanced force."

Well, that's certainly a mouth-full. Of course, now we are getting into the issues on Dark Matter, the Aether, etc.. As we know, the Mathematics of it all breaks down as the speed of Light is approached. Matter is Energy in bondage and IMO, the speed of Light is the boundary of the Physical dimension and that which is Beyond, and with Dark Matter and the Aether, we are now dealing with Forces that can not be measured with equipment designed to work within the realm of the Physical. Quoting DePalma again: "Every experiment which is done qualifies and quantifies the primordial field in some aspect. If you want chaos you get chaos. For those of us who govern our thoughts with logic we get logic. Actually logic and chaos are the extrema of what we know as thought.

For those of us who consider ourselves sophisticated we amuse ourselves with a pastime called Science. This is the application of logic (the self-defining reasoning process in Nature), to Nature. This self-examination in itself has the limitation of the manifest in attempting to describe the un-manifest."

In Nature, we also observe the results of the Primal Polarities interacting. If we take a male (+) rod and insert it into a female (-) sheath, we have something called a battery. When a light bulb is connected in the circuit, Power is the Child. The Child brings forth Light in the bulb as the Power Flows. Note that the circuit is ONE. We see this again in the sun. Regular hydrogen atoms have one proton (+) and one electron (-). When the Hydrogen cloud reaches the critial stage, a Star is born. The S(o/u)n Child makes all of the other elements and his Signature, the Neutron, is added as part of them. Matter is of course, Energy in bondage, and this is only the Physical Manifestation.

All of that having been said, we arrive at my below drawing:

Primal Polaric Energies

In the Mythology of Egypt, Set ("He whom before the sky shakes") is the God of the desert, storms and Chaos. IMO, this Principle also extends into the Cosmos, which would include the Power of the massive Black Hole and Lordship over Dark Matter. In Egyptian Mythology, Nephthys is the wife & sister of Set, and sister of Isis and Osiris. Dark & mysterious, she is associated with Transition, Death, the journey throught the Night and Duat, while Isis is associated with Light, Generation, Birth and the Day. Nephthys is the funerary Comfortor and the Destroyer of grief. Nephthys is the Beautiful and the Terrible. She is Feminine Shadow, Lady of Darkness and Dark Magick, a fierce Protector, Guardian of the Phoenix, Supportive Force and Upholder of Honor. The Isis/Nephthys Dyad is forever entwined in the Cycle of Existence.

The below painting of Isis is by Lisa Iris, and is cited from her website (see link to her home page in the Arts Favorites section from the main menu page). I think she did a beautiful job with it.

'Isis' ~ painting by Lisa Iris

I see cross-Culture correspondences/similarities in Deities/Priciples. Just as these were noted in the Greek-Roman Pantheons, I also see others. For example, Isis/Inanna/Ishtar/Shakti, Sekhmet/Durga, Set/Shaitan, etc. Although I do acknowledge all three Primaries/Forces/Sentiences in Nature (the Gods & Goddesses of this world), I identify most strongly with the Darker/Destroyer Aspect Entities/Forces/Intelligences. Below are a few pix which attempt to capture the Essences of some of the Dark Deities.

The below painting of Durga was sent to me years ago by a friend as an E-mail attachment. I do not know who the artist is. The computer-generated line drawings of Set & Nephthys were done by myself.

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Set§§§ Nephthys (Greek)/Nebthet (Egyptian)

Cartouche of Set The Jewel In The Lotus Cartouche of Nephthys

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Reference: GATE 1 - IMU

(no one attains who unlawfully contends)

A rider on a horse heads up a hill toward a castle with 3 towers, Symbolizing the Triadic Power of Nature. His finger is to his lips in the gesture of "silence is golden". He rides to his Initiation, the Death of ignorance, and the beginning of his Ascent to Godhood. The Inner Sanctum awaits him. A chill is in the air and yet, in the stillness, there is preparatory movement. ~ LCF