Emerald Tablet


The acronym stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements.

The elements referenced are eight metals from the transition group in the periodic table of the elements, namely ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, and silver from the light platinum group, and osmium, iridium, platinum, and gold from the heavy platinum group.

When the atomic grouping of these are modified as per the Process of Alchemy, they lose their chemical reactivity and crystalline metallic characteristics, and instead manifest as a fine white, fluffy substance, not a fine, heavier powder like flour, but with the consistency of dust, only even lighter. ("The Philosopher's Stone" / "White Powder") Actually, it would be more accurate to refer to it as Dust instead of "powder". They can also be superconductive and the electrons essentially manifest like photons (Light).

'White Powder' Ruthenium (M-state)
"White Powder" Ruthenium (ORME)

Metallic Ruthenium
Ruthenium (Ru) in the metallic state

It has been discovered that these ORME, most notably gold, iridium, platinum, ruthenium and rhodium can have profound effects on human physiology at the cellular level, as well as the Soul & Spirit. ORME occurs in small amounts Naturally in foods and is found in somewhat larger amounts in carrots and grapes. Minerals, including ORME, are produced in the Earth, and that is why plants do well in volcanic soil. The concentrated "White Powder" was made and used by the ancient Egyptians, but over time, the Process became lost. References to ORME (and Starfire) were codified in glyphs and the myths of ancient texts, some of which describe beings living for many hundreds of years.

David Radius Hudson brought ORME back to light with 1995 lectures on his discoveries and research concerning ORME. The volume of material is too massive to cover here, but the below links will give good detail about ORME/ORMUS.


Ascension Alchemy

Ingesting ORME will not immediately turn you into "superman". It's not a fast track deal. I have an over-all better health from ORME. It can enhance Cognizance and Perception, and even increase Psychic ability. It makes you more direct, which can be good or bad. And then there's the "sound outside of sound". It is a high-pitched sound that does not go away. It is not ringing in your ears, or anything like that. It is perceived, but you are not hearing it with your ears. The Effects of ORME are permanent and irreversible, because you are Enhancing your Being. ORME are not drugs and you are not going to get "high". If you are not on a Spiritual Path, or have no experience with Meditation or Chakras, don't even think about ORME. This is only for those who wish to Ascend to the Higher Level, and who are totally Committed to the Process of Becoming.


There have been TV shows, such as 'Ancient Aliens' which allege that extraterrestrials have visited Earth in the past and even today. You will have to examine these for yourself. There are questions here that need to be answered as well. One question I have is who machined Mohs-hardness-7 andesite and granite at the Puma Punku site in Bolivia? These enormous blocks were cut at perfect right angles, and perfectly planed, drilled, routed and replicated, many with interior corners. The asserion that these were allegedly cut with bronze (Mohs-hardness-3)or iron (Mohs-hardness-5) tools is completely absurd. Nothing lower on the MOHS scale of hardness will cut anything higher. The tool will be destroyed by the material to be cut. The only thing that will perfectly cut, drill, plane and rout Mohs-hardness-7 andesite and granite is a diamond power tool, which did not exist in the Human tool box at least 1,500 years ago.

If you are unfamiliar with MOHS Scale, visit: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Other questions that need to be answered:

If aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago, would they have been referred to as "gods"?

Could the 'Anunnaki' that visited Iraq have contributed to the Gilgamesh Epic, and the primitive, barbaric myths that were fabricated into the bible?

Could they have been involved in genetic engineering that may have been done on one of the evolved human species in a "special event" that led to Homo Sapiens? ('Adam' and 'Eve')?

These questions definitely offer Food for Thought.

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Reference: GATE 8 - VANLETRON

(Virtue lies defeated)

A figure kneels before the Castle, with folded hands. A Knight stands behind the figure with a weapon, ready to strike a death blow. In the distance is a wheel with three figures on it, corresponding to the Wheel Of Fortune Tarot card (#10). The traveler assumes both the position of the kneeler and the Knight at this Gate. As the kneeling figure, the traveler must at last experience the final Death of his or her meekness, weaknesses, inhibitions and any other baggage that has hindered in the past. The Wheel also represents the Expansion and Completion of the traveler's Development and Personal Victory. Thus the Initiate passes through the Gate, wherein lie the pleasurable existence of Mastery in Truth, Personal Utopia and Fulfillment in Body, Soul & Spirit.

After this, as a Knight, the Initiate may assist others along the Path. The True Knight also Destroys that which is not Truth and investigates that which has not yet been demonstrated to be lies. This can include the Destruction of the self-seeking hypocrite systems and their control-mongering home-made "commandments", "virtue" and "justice". ~ LCF