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"A miracle is not the breaking of physical laws, but rather represents laws which are incomprehensible to us."

~ Georgii Ivanovich Guirdjieff

As I have said before, it is my opinion that a human being is more than a physical system. The impression I get in my studies of the Survival Hypothethis (conscious awareness and characteristic mental activity can continue outside of the body, including after bodily death) is that NDE's can be culturally or conceptually influenced, but do not appear to be religion-dependent. Of equal interest to me is the OBE, which can lend veridicality to the investigations at hand.

The Scientific Research of Michael Sabom, and Raymond Moody, etc., include veridical observations of patients who accurately described events that occurred in the room while they were unconscious and their bodies, as per the Scientific monitoring equipment (EKG & EEG, etc.), were non-functional. These reports also include OBE instances of patients giving detailed descriptions of objects at locations away from the room and which were physically inaccessible to them. The question that must be answered of course is: by what means did these individuals correctly ascertain this information, when their physical bodies were non-funtional?

These instances can not be explained in terms of conventional physiology (e.g.: neurological phenomena) conventional psychology (e.g.: dissociative hallucination) or ESP. Therefore, IMO, externalism is a plausible answer to the question. I'm not going to present a lot of data here, but I have provided links to reports and research on the matter. Do with it what you will.

Details of the NDE of Pam Reynolds

Continuing dedication to the Scientific Method:

Neurotheology at The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics
The University Of Virginia ~ Perceptual Science and...
International Association For Near-Death Studies

You will have to examine the evidence and veridical testimonies and form your own opinions. We should of course, continue to QUESTION EVERYTHING.
That is what the Scientific Method is all about....

More questions that need to be answered:

At the webpage there are many veridical instances of OBEs, where patients accurately described objects or events either in the operating room or at remote areas, while their physical bodies, as per the Scientific monitoring equipment, were unconscious, and thus, inoperative. And if we can leave our physical body, then our physical body is not us. Is this proof? The site is MASSIVE and will take time to go through. Since religionism has been debunked, its threats and dogmatic drivel are meaningless. But what IS there? The Akashic Records are indelible.

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Reference: GATE 5 - ETCAN

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A mature, bearded man sits on a stool in an empty room, bolted shut from the inside. There is nothing else in the room, but another stool and a huge sack of coins, which he is counting out in stacks on the second stool. The figure of death (Tarot card #13) stands next to him holding a pitchfork in his left hand, and an hourglass in his right hand. The sand in the hour glass is all in the bottom section, indicating time has run out. This Gate deals with fear. This pathetic figure represents the miser, who is fearful of losing his money. He has not lived, he has not loved, he has not Learned, and because he has never had the courage to confront his fear, he has not accomplished anything of Value for himself, or for anyone else. Fear is the Mind-killer. For him it is too late. He has been consumed. The fearful pass not. ~ LCF