Hail! And welcome to this site! You will not experience any annoying ads or pop-ups here. I am a Dark Pagan, polytheist, panentheist and my views are somewhat eclectic. I work with the Egyptian, Hindu, Sumerian, Celtic, Greek and Roman Pantheons, primarily. I agree with a good deal of Satanic Philosophy as set forth by LaVey, but not all of it. Actually, I am not a very religious person. I place more emphasis on Spirituality. I guess you could say that in that regard I'm somewhat closer to being Deistic. Under no circumstances should you assume that I am attempting to tell you what to believe. The opinions presented here are mine and mine alone; the way I see things, and why I see them that way. As we know, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I have mine. You have yours. Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. Your visit is very much appreciated. Relax and enjoy yourself. ~ Karl

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Firstly, I belong to no organization. I hold no rank. I have no title. I am a Double Libra, born in 1950. Libra is the Sign of The Light-Bearer/God Of This World (Roman ~ Lucifer), and I am obsessed with Sound Philosophy, Beauty and Aesthetics. I enjoy creating art, music and other intellectual pursuits. I look for Discipline, Character and Spirituality both in a mate, and in friendships. I despise liars, laziness, guilt/shame/control/fear-mongering, sloth, weakness, fluff, flippancy and stupidity. Only the Strong will survive. The weak-minded and the undisciplined will perish, which is exactly what they deserve.

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Dark Paganism and Satanism are Left-Hand Path positions. I personally define the Left-Hand Path as the Path of the Individual and his or her Growth in Gnosis, Self-Mastery and Ascent to Godhood in the Realization of his or her own Personal Divinity. This is a Process of Intellectual Illumination Progressing to Wisdom, which is the Right Application of Gnosis. I define the right-hand path as the path of the herd-mentality, I.E. organizational dogmas, and required conformity to said dogmas, traditions, etc., (externalities) in emphasis on the group and its label as opposed to Individual Independence and Free Thought.

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As we know, religion is always a hot-button. It is my opinion that anyone has the right to practice whatever religion they want to. This is, however, where it ends. Unfortunately, there are those individuals around on the Planet today who are under the illusion that they have the right to foist their religionist dogmas on the entire populace, via either legislative chicanery or out-and-out brute force. As the abysmal period in human history known as the dark ages has demonstrated, the backwardness, brutality and barbarism perpetrated by deluded or deranged theocrats are every bit as heinous as that practiced by the most notorious statists. (Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc.)

As a U.S. citizen, I stand on the Constitution of the United States as the Supreme Law of the land. I believe in a 100% secular government and I also think that churches should be taxed, just like everyone else is. I stand for the right of every citizen to bear arms, whether it be a side-arm, long gun, bow and arrow, dagger, battle sword, etc. Freedom and Liberty as set forth by the Founding Fathers will be maintained at any and all costs, as will the National Sovereignty and border integrity of the United States of America. Our Armed Services personnel are the finest in the world, and lay their lives on the line to maintain Freedom and Liberty, and we owe them our full support in the completion of their assigned objectives, regardless of what we may think of the orders that are given to them.

Additionally, the state has no right to interfere in, discriminate against or restrict the private behavior of, or personal lives/relationships of consenting adults whose orientation may be different from theirs (I am straight), or to deny them the same basic Rights as everyone else has. Everyone has the Right to live their personal lives as they see fit, and we also have the Rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion (or the Right to practive NO RELIGION at all), as per Amendment I of the Constitution of the United States of America, which reads:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

The Constitution of the United States of America IS and ALWAYS WILL BE...the ONLY SUPREME LAW of the U.S.A.

Every person has the Right to:
1. Practice whatever religion they want to (or NONE at all)
2. Believe whatever they want to
3. Live their OWN PERSONAL LIVES as per those beliefs

NO ONE has any Right to FOIST his beliefs on others (including his own relatives), either via intimidation, legislative chicanery or brute force. The appalling savagery that we have seen demonstrated all over the World by deranged religionists is utterly abominable. Such ideologies must be permanently expunged from the Face of the Earth. This will upset some religionists. The below links to FACTS on religions will explain why we reject all of them, in their entirety. We present FACTS.....nothing more. Do with them what you will.

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Links to FACTS on the fallacies of "Abraham"ic religionism

Book on the invention of the "Jesus" character by the church

An entire website devoted to the Christ myth

Exploring the errors of Islam, that were built on other errors

Exploring contradicitons in Islam

Scriptural nonsense is examined

The church ADMITS it invented "Jesus"

Additional scriptural nonsense is examined

A very thorough examination of Islam, and associated violence

Another examination of Islam

An alternative choice for religionists

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Some of you may be wondering why I am a Theist. A very fair question...I will answer it. Firstly, I reject monotheism because of its rejection of the Divine Feminine. The ancient Hebrews worshipped Ashera as their Goddess, until someone decided that wasn't cool. Christianity and Islam built on that same error. The Male-Female Polarities exist throughout the Universe, at all levels. Their Image includes all of it.

As we know, Spirituality is a Process of Internal Growth and Personal Development, whereas religion is merely an external set of observances and dogma, which has always been useless.

This leaves us with only one question that MUST BE ANSWERED. As per this web page: Science

the estimated mass of the Physical Universe is 3 x 10^52 Kg. This estimate was produced by competent, qualified Scientists. Plugging this variable into the equation of Einstein E equals MC squared, we can solve for the Energy reqired to generate the MASS of the Physical Universe: E [in Joules]=(3x10^52) x (speed of Light)^2. We can see that this is a very large number.

I am not trying to tell anyone what to believe, but the question must be answered. There are only two possible answers:

1 - It happened all by itself, with no cause
2 - It was Created, and therefore Creator(s) must exist

Another intersting site, on the survival of Consciousness after death:
Soul Survival
It is a massive site. It will take a week to read all of it.

Culpeper Flag from

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I define Spirituality as an Internal Process where there is:

1 - Devotion to the Divine Within
2 - Dedication to Metaphysics
3 - Respect for the Individual Rights & Freedom of others

I see religion as merely an external framework in which Spirituality is supposed to Operate. This can include tradition, ritual, observances, texts and the all-important…. ……dogma. Religion is of course, invented by men.

IMO, true Spirituality Transcends religion.

Fundamentalism is any sectarian outlook which typically does not recognize any opinion, position or practice that differs from its own, and is rigid in its adherence to its own set of prescribed tenets and dogmas. Fundamentalism also tends to be exclusivist ("only true") and intolerant of other views or interpretations. Labels are also important, as they serve to differentiate between them and the outsiders, heretics and infidels.

History is replete with the violence, terror, abominations, atrocities and murder committed in the name of "god" and religionism by fundamentalists and extremists. Guilt/shame/fear/control-mongering are also frequently engaged in by fundies, hence they are, IMO, the absolute bane of the Planet, total anathema to Freedom and Liberty, and a threat to the entirity of Civilization and to the Advancement of Humanity.

Your external framework and Magickal System should be whatever you want it to be, whatever Works for you. I prefer the Egyptian System. Your Daimons/Guides are Who you want them to be. IMO, the most important thing is Spiritual Discipline, Patience and Perseverance with on-going Growth & Development in the Process of Coming into Being/Xeper. As we know, it can take....



The above are Key in successful Operations.

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“In the absence of Will-Power, the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.”

~ Aleister Crowley

'Uncle Al'

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Reference: GATE 4 - RUBNAM KYE

(Fate is not the same for all.)

A jester with a 2-bell cap stands before the door to a labyrinth, with only one exit at the far side of the labyrinth. 3 dice lie on the ground, the visible faces of each are 1,2 and 3, totaling 6 for each die, or 6-6-6. Within this gate are the visages of those who have entered before. Some are corpses. The traveler will have no need of luck, for his Developed Intuition now Guides him. Those who transgress by falling victim to dead-end distractions or who lose Focus will not make it out. Go beyond your limits. How badly do you want it? ~ LCF