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Let's face it, if you are not healthy, life can be miserable. I follow these guidelines, and over the years, they have worked for me.


Your body is about 7/8 water and it should be pure. Chlorine used to purify tap water is one of the most deadly free radicals known. (the same stuff in household cleaners) It's good for killing bacteria, but not good to have in the body. Sodium flouride used in tap water (and toothpaste) is also used in RAT POISON! (the label on your tube of toothpaste tells you to call a poison control center if a child swallows more than a brushings worth!) Sodium flouride also had a bad effect on the thyroid gland, which controls body metabolism. Sodium flouride slows down the function of the thyroid gland, thus contributing to unwanted weight gain.

Inorganic minerals dissolved in tap water (or "mineral water") can NOT be used by the body. These contribute to disease of the arteries (deposits in the arteries) and arthritic joints. Just look at the inside of an old water pipe and view the hard water deposits in it. That is what stays in your body. Look at the bulbous, knobby joints of the decrepit ("old"). Your body has tiny tubules and vessls in it. If these become clogged with mineral deposits, fluids and nutrients can not get to where they need to go. If that happens, tissues will dry out and degenerate. Look at the horrific wrinkling of the "old". That says it all. Tap water is alright for washing and bathing, but that's it! Coffee (not too much) also tastes MUCH better when made with distilled water.

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This will build muscles, keep them toned, (HARD BODY) and eliminate unsightly flab that just hangs off the body and dangles there.....do leg raises or other abdominal exercises for a flat stomach & good abs. Scapular protraction type exercises keep your chest muscles and ligaments from sagging. You must do this as long as you live!!!...... missing work-out time is not an option! Bones and muscles that are not stressed will lose mass and strength as well as tone. If you are not sure what to do, you may want to look into getting a personal trainer. Use it or......lose it. And, as we know, sex is great a cardio-vascular workout.


Many diseases start in the colon & from bad diets. Fecal material becomes impacted in the colon and is not eliminated, resulting in bulging pot-bellies. Some people have had up to 8 pounds of uneliminated fecal matter in their intestines! The toxins from this uneliminated fecal matter poison the body. Eat plenty of fiber and use a good natural cleanse like psyllium husk powder. If you are doing this for the first time, start off with way less that the minimum and work up slowly. Avoid eating iceberg head lettuce, as this can stick to intestinal walls. Use Romaine lettuce instead.

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These include store-bought candies, cakes, cookies, pies, soda pop, ice cream, etc. It has been said that refined white sugar can cause blood platelets to be more sticky, increasing the risk of clots, damage to the pancreas (diabetes), depression of the immune system (a can of pop can depress the immune system by as much as 33%!), hypoglycemia, kidney damage, osteoporosis, activation of AGING, free radical formation in the blood, hormonal imbalance, liver damage, hypertension, fat, & bacterial intestinal fermentation. Refined white sugar has been referred to as the "sweet white death". Organic honey can be used as a natural sweetener & in cooking! You can also use dried sugar-cane juice that not been processed by man. It is a tan color and can be purchased at your local health food store. Refined white sugar also leaves a horribly acidic digestive by-product. Enough said.

Refined White Sugar Issues


Table salt is pure NaCl (halite) The over-usage toxicity of halite causes fluid retention in the body in an effort to keep it out of your cells. Packaged, deepfried "snacks" contain lots of halite. Sea Salt is natural, and contains other important trace minerals from the ocean that we need.


Your body is an electro-chemical device. It needs proper proportions of vitamins & minerals in order to function properly (e.g. calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium (anti-cancer), etc.) If you are not sure what will work best for you, consult a professional nutritionist.


Sleep is important for renewing the body. The amount of sleep required can vary from person to person, but it is important to release into the full stages of sleep. I sleep with the top of my head facing North. I also have a Select Comfort Ultra Queen Pillow Top air bed, which I got over 10 years ago. They are not cheap, but nothing good is. You get what you pay for. The inflation firmness in these units can be adjusted, and they are great. It was worth every penny of the $1.4K I paid for it.


Artificial sweeteners can contain Aspartame. This artificial sweetener, when digested, can yield up to as much as 10% methanol (poisonous wood alcohol) which is metabolized to FORMALDEHYDE (used in embalming fluid), which is very toxic to DNA. Do NOT ingest margarine or other hydrogenated oils, which are unnatural. You may as well eat plastic. Preservatives used in many packaged "foods" are not good for you either.


Everything you eat will either leave an alkaline or acidic digestive by-product. An acidic body pH will leave you prone to disease, including cancer. Cancer cells can not exist in an alkaline environment. Cancer patients have had pH readings of as low as 4.5! (highly acidic body chemistry, showing a gross imbalance in the body, possibly including a calcium imbalance...) Osteoporosis is a condition that occurs because of acidic body pH. In people with highly acidic diets, the body, in a desperate effort to maintain its correct pH level, will get alkalinity from the only place in can, the calcium ions in the skeletal structure. Asparagus, melons and dates are very good things to consume, as they help to alkalize the body. The following links will go into further detail as to the pH of various foods:

Helpful Food pH Tables

Body pH and Cancer

The shelves in the stores are lined with preservative-laced, packaged products that are not fit for a dog to eat, let alone a human. Many of these products, made by large corporate conglomerates, contain astronomial amounts of refined white sugar or fat. Then after you get sick, the other corporations will give you their drugs to allegedly help with ill-health situations that were the result of bad diets and lack of proper nutrition in the first place. I love organic medjool dates and raw almonds for snacks. The old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" also has some Truth to it.


Street drugs (heroin, crystal, X, cocaine, etc.) will kill you. Prescription drugs can also do you in. Booze leaves a very acidic digestive by-product. My opinion is (speaking from experience and my own stupidity many years ago) that booze and drugs should be left alone. I don't use marijuana either. It is essentially harmless, but can lead to psychological dependence and indifference. One joint can have as much tar as 3 or 4 cigarettes. The state has classified usage of drugs as criminal behavior. I view it more as stupidity (the 1st Satanic sin) than criminal, which in my book is an action that harms someone else. Putting someone in jail for smoking a joint or because they need assistance with substance abuse may be absurd, but the laws of the state are what you will ultimately be judged by. If anyone wants to sit in the corner in a drug or booze-induced stupor, that is of course, their business. Just don't think that anyone who does that is ever going to Accomplish anything of Value or Power.

Prohibition has never worked, does not work and never will work. The only thing that does is make it possible for criminal organizations to be rich and powerful by selling basically worthless substances at highly inflated prices. And then the government spends millions in combating what they themselves created. Drugs, as bad as they are, should be decriminalized because they are part of the process of Natural Selection. The weak-minded and the undisciplined will remove themselves from the gene pool, and the news reports are replete with these types of tragedies. Only the Strong with Disiplined Self-Control will survive. Education as to the dangers of these substances is of course, key.

Drug-Free America


These are essential to the Health of the Body, Soul and Spirit. More Power will Flow if you are Healthy. Kundalini Yoga is also good. Imbalance in any one of these three areas can affect your whole B eing.


Lack of Aesthetics is the 9th Satanic sin. You are affected by your environment. If your lair is a jumbled, cluttered mess, loaded with knick-knacks and all sorts of other eyesores and miscellaneous junk, that can and WILL sap your Energy and add stress. Many people fall victim to their own disorganization. If you haven't used something in the last year, take a dump and get rid of it.

If you have ever been to any of the great Ancient sites, such as the Parthenon, etc., you can not help but be taken in and moved by the Beauty and Power of these places. The reason for that is because they were designed using Sacred Geometry, etc., which take advantage of the Natural Flow. Unfortunately, in today's "civilization", most of what we see are strip malls and other nauseating forms of "architecture" which are neither pleasing to look at, or healthy to be in.

You don't have to be a millionaire to have a nice place. Keep things simple and organized. A hardwood floor with a beautiful wool Persian rug is better than a crummy plywood floor that is covered with man-made-fiber carpeting and associated toxic chemical odors. Get the best you can afford, and not cheap junk that won't last. I prefer leather furniture to cloth-covered, which absorbs sweat and can harbor bacteria. You get the idea. If you are not sure how to start, you may want to read up on Feng Shui, etc..


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Reference: GATE 6 - ON TANYC

(I am enriched by Death)

A man hangs upside down from the castle wall by a rope tied around his right foot. His hands are bound behind him. In this position, all he can do is OBSERVE, which is what is learned at this Gate. The Initiate Reflects on the Death of old destructive habits, primitive superstitions and adherence to dead dogma which were previously done in ignorance, but are no more. He is now firmly on the Left Hand Path, which is represented by the castle. An arm juts out of an open window in the entrance tower, and in the hand is a Flaming Sword, which represents the Transcendent Power of the Polaric Pillars of Eternity. Inside the tower, hooded figures ascend the spiral staircase toward the window. Upon the successful purge of all that is useless, he too will Ascend the staircase and wield the Flaming Sword himself. Those that return to their old folly will be destroyed. ~ LCF