"Good" vs. "Evil"

What is "good" and what is "evil"?

Good is anything that Benefits or Enriches an individual's Life Experience.

To the fundie religionist, "evil" is anything that does not conform to his "only true" dogma, as dictated by the hierocracy.

My personal definition of evil is a simple one:
Evil is the unjust deprivation of a person's Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness or Individual Autonomy, Freedom of Expression/Thought, Property, Reputation or Covenant of Trust.

The true evil-doers are the control-mongering bastards who lie, steal, cheat and commit murder in the name of their barbaric "god" and their myriad "only true" sectarian dogmatic inventions, whether done in the context of religion, politics or both. The individual who is committed to Freedom and Liberty stands as the Archetypical Adversary (Satan) against the extremist/fundamentalist "Abraham"ic power structures who brainwash and enslave millions with their dogmatic tripe, lies, associated guilt / shame / fear / control-mongering and bondage, and who reduce their pitiable votaries to the status of sycophantic grovelers. Religio-fascism is of course, an increasing danger in today's world, as their intent is to foist their dogmatic inventions on the entire populace, either by legislative chicanery or out-and-out brute force.

The dualistic concept that says there has to be a "good god" (e.g. biblegod) vs a "bad god" (e.g. bibledevil ("satan")) (both of whom are constructs) is pure idiocy, as is the "light is good and dark is bad" notion. The Dazzling Darkness of the Inner Sanctum stands in stark contrast the darkness that is ignorance and the misery and death that goes with it.

Pagans and Satanists have been accused of "eating babies", doing human and animal sacrifices and non-stop engagement in unbridled debauchery, etc. This is nonsense. These accusations are, as per usual, the result of lies and fear-mongering by the religionist prelates. As we know, there are always a few "bad apples". We enjoy life without the baseless guilt and shame-mongering that fundie religionists have to deal with.

We have the right to practice our religions, as does everyone else. If our Freedoms are abrogated, we will defend ourselves by whatever means necessary, and we have many Means at our disposal.

The ancient Egyptians' guideines for personal conduct were stated in their funerary texts. The Book Of The Dead lists these, and the Souls of the dead were judged by Anubis & Ma'at. Some of the earliest versions date from ca. 1580 BCE.


42 Declarations Of Purity

1. Not have I done wrong.

2. Not have I despoiled.

3. Not have I robbed.

4. Not have I slain men: twice.

5. Not have I defrauded the offerings.

6. Not have I diminished oblations.

7. Not have I despoiled the things of the God.

8. Not have I spoken lies.

9. Not have I carried off food.

10. Not have I afflicted anyone

11. Not have I committed fornication.

12. Not have I made to weep.

13. Not have I eaten my heart.

14. Not have I transgressed.

15. Not have I acted deceitfully.

16. Not have I desolated ploughed lands.

17. Not have I been an eavesdropper.

18. Not have I set my mouth in motion against any man.

19. Not have I raged except with a cause.

20. Not have I defiled the wife of a man.

21. Not have I defiled the husband of a woman.

22. Not have I polluted myself.

23. Not have I caused terror.

24. Not have I committed offense.

25. Not have I inflamed myself with rage.

26. Not have I made deaf myself to the words of right and truth.

27. Not have I caused grief.

28. Not have I acted insolently.

29. Not have I stirred up strife.

30. Not have I judged hastily.

31. Not have I pried into matters.

32. Not have I multiplied my words upon words.

33. Not have I harmed, not have I done evil.

34. Not have I made curses of the king.

35. Not have I fouled water.

36. Not have I made haughty my voice.

37. Not have I have I cursed God.

38. Not have I committed theft.

39. Not have I defrauded the offerings of the Gods.

40. Not have I carried away offerings from the beatified ones.

41. Not have I carried off the food of the infant, not have I sinned against the God of the town.

42. Not have I slaughtered the cattle divine.

One can see that the ideas of the "10 commandments" were already extant in Egypt for centuries before the pentateuch was fabricated in the 6th century BCE. Declaration 35 is interesting in that the Ancients had a much higher regard for Nature, Order and Honor than the irresponsible industrialists of modern times who dump their toxic waste into the water, or screw their employees, etc..
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Reference: GATE 7 - ABADON

(The disciple surpasses the master)

A king and a peasant sit opposite each other at a black game board in a closed room. The king sits between the peasant and the door, which has no handle. At the other side of the room, a black dog and a white dog fight below an open window in which a frowning moon appears in the black sky. This corresponds to Tarot card #18, The Moon. Below the window outside, lies the abyss. The Test that is at hand here is the application of Knowledge obtained and Courage Forged in the Darkness of the Inner Sanctum and Displayed Outwardly as the Light-Bearer. The successful Initiate surpasses his Master in the game, and opens the door by sheer Will Power, thus passing through the Gate. The damned are also here. The dualistic idiocy which says the either the Light or the Dark must be bad is represented by the fighting dogs, which never will pass through the Gate. The lower mind can be trapped by this illusion and thus degenerates into oblivion. ~ LCF