Some of My Favorites
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Meditation Music of Ancient Egypt by Gerald Jay Markoe ~ 2004*** Blessed Be by 69 Eyes (Audio CD - 2000)*** Karma by Delerium (Audio CD - 1997)*** Within the Realm of a Dying Sun by Dead Can Dance (Audio CD - 1987)

Aion by Dead Can Dance (Audio CD - 1990)*** The Serpent's Egg by Dead Can Dance (Audio CD - 1988)*** Gun (1st Album) by Gun - (originally released in 1968)*** The Mask and Mirror by Loreena McKennitt (Audio CD - 1994)

Luna by Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors (Audio CD - 1994)*** Serpentine Gallery by Switchblade Symphony (Audio CD - 1995)*** Deep Purple 3 - (originally released in 1969)*** Vision Thing by The Sisters Of Mercy (Audio CD - 1990)

It's a Beautiful Day by It's A Beautiful Day (originally released in 1968)*** Cold by Lycia (Audio CD - 1997)*** Shepherd Moons by Enya - 1991*** In The Garden Of Souls by VAS - 2000

The 4 Seasons - composed by Vivaldi in 1723 |(Nigel Kennedy, 1997)*** Incantation by Sharon Knight (Audio CD - 1997)*** Live / Dead by Grateful Dead (originally released in 1970)*** Quicksilver Messenger Service - (originally released in 1968)

Darshan by Rasa ~ from*** Kerala Dream: A Shaman's Dream Project by Craig Kohland (Audio CD - 2005)*** Dakshina by Deva Primal (Audio CD - 2005)*** Johann Strauss: Waltzes ~ Willie Boskovsky & the Vienna Philharmonic from Barnes & Noble***

I really don't care for the death metal or punk genres all that much.


The Crow - 1998*** The Ninth Gate - 1999*** Logan's Run - 1976*** The Golden Compass - 2007

The Lost Horizon - 1937*** Angel Heart - 1987*** Lord of the Rings Trilogy ~ 2001-2003*** Lucinda's Spell - 1998

Sleeper by Woody Allen - 1973*** Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire - 2005*** Fantasia from Walt Disney Studios - 1940*** Zardoz - 1974

Interview With The Vampire - 1994*** Brazil - 1985*** Rosemary's Baby - 1968*** Medicine Man - 1992

Black Orpheus - 1959*** Habit - 1996*** The Last Emperor - 1987*** Bram Stoker's Dracula - 1992

Art & Architecture

IMO, the most spectacular art object ever created is the golden funerary mask of Egyptian king Tutankhamun. I have had the privilege of actually viewing it from less than 3 feet away. It is absolutely breathtaking. That and other items of interest can be viewed at the
Egypt Art Site

I also find Hindu Architecture to be stunning. The link to Alfred Molon's website has some very fine references.

Below is 'The All-Attractive Couple', painted by Visnu Dasa (1990). This is available as a fine art print from dealers around the net, such as Krishnaland.

'The All-Attractive Couple'

One of my favorite graphic artsts was Frank Frazetta, known for his fabulous fantasy warriors. Unfortunately, the Official Frank Frazetta Website appears to have been shut down after his death on May 10, 2010. There are, however, other sites that display his great work, such as...
The UNOFFICIAL Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery

M.C. Escher's work has always impressed me very much.
The Official M.C. Escher Website

There is only one thing I can say about the Work of Lisa Iris, and that is....superb!.
The Art of Lisa Iris

Anne Stokes is also a superb artist. She does Fantasy, Gothic and more!
The Art of Anne Stokes

Enjoy! ~K

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Reference: GATE 9 - MALAK

Now I know that from Darkness comes Light.

Emerging from a dark, sandy path at dusk, the traveler comes upon a naked woman seated on a 7-headed Dragon. With her right hand she points to a Castle down the Path, and a Glorious, Radiant Light Emanating from the Portal. In her left hand she holds a Book of Gnosis. The seven heads symbolize the 7 Chakras and the 7 Colors that divide from White Light. She is a Scarlet Woman, one of the Ancient Birth Goddesses of Egypt/Babylon.

In this final Gate, the Initiate has Power and Wealth both physical and Spiritual. His very Thoughts Create, in accordance with his Will. His Personal Quest is complete, and he has taken his place amoung the Gods. Now is the time for Re-Creation in the New Aeon which he must help to bring about. ~ LCF