Novem Portis Regnum Umbrae ~ the Book

This is my Interpretation of the 'Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows' book that appeared in the excellent Roman Polanski film, 'The Ninth Gate'. The book in the film was, of course, a theatre prop.

This is a real book, which outlines my Dark Pagan Philosophy as it Progresses through each of the Nine Gates. It includes all of the engravings that were, as per the film, authored by Lucifer Himself, as well as full-color plates of the Deities in the book, with all of the text in the English language. It is 198 pages in length. The paper is heavy, premium, acid-free antique parchment that costs 25 cents per sheet. The paper is full-sized 8.5 x 11 inches. The inks and paper are very costly, which makes them expensive to produce. The book contains 18 full color plates, the Al Jilwah and much more!

Two versions of the cover are offered. The Deluxe Hard-Cover is a Professional, Library Quality leather cover with gold stamping on the cover Star and Spine, which also has an Ankh at the bottom. It has dark red marbelized end papers and red/black head bands. It is very similar to the leather cover seen on the book in the film, which was smaller in size. These types of covers are also very expensive to produce. The price for this book is $225.00 + shipping and handling, which will be $17.00 for priority USPO mail. The leather cover is pictured below.

Leather Cover Book *** Leather Book Spine

The basic soft-cover version has a colored paper cover with a solid star. The front and rear covers are thermal-laminated for maximum durability. Both books have the same, high-quality paper inside. That is pictured below. The price for this version is $95.00 + shipping and handling, which will be $17.00 for priority USPO mail.

Novem Portis Regnum Umbrae ~ Soft Cover

Two views from the book text are shown below:



These books are not mass-produced. I make them as I have time. The Deluxe Hard-Cover books have to be shipped out for completion.

Your visit to this page is very much appreciated. If you wish to order a book, it can be ordered from my Etsy page shop. The link to my Etsy shop is: KarlStarke

Thank you ~ Karl Starke

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