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The glyph in the 8th house is that of Vesta, which is the only asteroid belt-body that I use. The reason for that follows. As we know, there is a mathematical progression in the orbits of the Planets in the Solar System. There is supposed to be Planet between Mars and Jupiter, but no Planet is there, only the asteroid belt. The orbit of Vesta is the only one that fits into the mathematical progression of the orbits, and that is why I use it.

In my personal system, Vesta (Keeper of the Hearth & Sacred Flame) is the higher aspect of Mars, and is assigned rulership of the 1st House. I also assign Chiron as the higher aspect of Saturn and I assign Chiron as ruling the 6th House. In other words, each Planet rules only one House. This has been considered to be abject heresy by some, but as we know, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you are looking for a couple of great books which give info on Chiron and Vesta, I highly recommend 'Chiron' by Barbara Hand Clow (mine is the 1994 edition) and 'Asteroid Goddesses' by Demetra George with Douglas Bloch.

K ~ 3/11/2009

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